This Thursday, March 21st, the Bakersfield Museum of Art (BMoA) is having a benefit to support all areas of the museum including preservation of the BMoA  permanent collection, visiting exhibitions, and youth art education and  outreach.  It is called ArtMix: .  I will not be attending the event, but I have three pieces that will be for sale at their "Off the Wall Art Sale".  I am very proud of all three pieces.  They are indicative of the styles, materials, and depth of the pieces I will be making this year.  

Federal Classic Fan Pattern, 14.5" x 12". This is another mirror in the "Federal Classic" style I have made in the past year and a half. By far it is the most detailed in the patterns, and most refined structurally that I have made so far. All of the columns, edge pieces, and the square corners have an intricate relief pattern that was punched both from the front and the back. I tried to go further than I have in the past in the intricacy of the patterns, even trying to make it gaudy, but it worked in making it a visually gentle texture. Regarding the patterns punched into the tin, I have noticed in other pieces that "less is more", in other words, keep it simple, use less punches and pattern. This is because it can easily get too busy and gaudy. However, I have also noticed that if I go over the top and use many punches and make a very busy pattern, it works! This is an example of that.   

Federal Classic Fan Pattern 14.5 x 12

Vintage Mirror, 8.75" x 7". I also tried to go further with this piece as far as the intricacy of the punched patterns with addition of the patterns of the wallpaper. I accomplished this by using both tin and brass. I found the vintage wallpaper from a seller on etsy for the borders. The wall paper is framed behind glass and soldered onto the framed mirror. I really love this piece, aesthetically and structurally it is near perfect. It was hard for me to put it in the Art Mix for sale (because I wanted it on my wall!), but it is for a good cause. The scraps of wall paper were very small and all used in this piece, so this is a one of a kind. I do have lots of other patterns of wall paper, so this is a style that will be repeated in the future for sure.    

Large Tile Mirror, 13" x 11". This is a style of mirror that I have been making for the last few years. I have always loved its simple, but bold look, accomplished by the talavera tiles. However it is small enough that it would work on the wall of any style home. This is in comparison to tile mirrors that I have made in the past that had bigger tiles. Those entire pieces were maybe 20 inches tall or more. It became so big that it dominated the wall that it was hung on. So if the colors of the tile did not match the rest of the house, or the Spanish colonial style did not match the rest of the house, it really stood out. I am taking the style of all of my work in that direction this year: smaller, retablo size, so that it can be an accent piece of art on the wall. The federal classic above is probably as big as pieces are going to be (subject to change and artistic license).