Spanish Colonial Style Punched Tin Frame with Holy Card Print, Antiqued, Handmade


-Punched tin frame holding a holy card print.

-These pieces are antiqued tin for a vintage look.

-There are a variety of prints available in the frames, and I can create a custom one if you have a holy card that is special to you.

-There are also a variety of patterns I can punch into the frame. Just ask if you want a custom one.

-Created in California in the style of of Spanish Colonial tinsmiths.

-Approximately 2.5 inches by 5 inches.

Caution: Edges and burrs can be extremely sharp

Care: The tin is not sealed and will change in time and may tarnish in places. Display in a dry place indoors, away from steam of kitchens or bathrooms. Clean with a dry cotton cloth, if you have to use a cleaner on the tin, 70% rubbing alcohol only. Solder contains lead.

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