The Workshop

San Joaquin Punched Tin artist Adam Williams was born in Flagstaff, AZ, and has also lived in the San Francisco Bay area, and the coastal mountains of California’s central coast.  His current residence and workshop is in Bakersfield, California in the central San Joaquin Valley.  San Joaquin Punched Tin produces tinwork in the Spanish Colonial style in Southern California. 

Inspiration is drawn from Spanish Colonial and New Mexican tinsmiths past and present.  Combined with a  lifetime of exposure to southwest, Californian, and Catholic art, architecture, and natural beauty.  To make the pieces, large sheets of blank tin are cut and folded into shape.  Hammers and custom punches are then used to create the unique designs in the tin.  Mirrors, holy cards, and imported talavera tiles.  All these are then combined with the tinwork for the finished pieces.    

After becoming obsessed with the art form, Adam began creating pieces as an amateur in 2010.  Starting in 2017, the pieces have been professionally created and sold at craft shows in Bakersfield, CA. and Southern California, and through sanjoaquinpunchedtin.com.    His current projects involve creating new pieces, expanding the creative potential of the art form, and creating more exposure for the art form in Southern California.  

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